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Hexa³ ® was born through a necessity. A necessity to think differently and change the way things are done. To think about what can be done, rather then what cannot. To find solutions to problems. To enable, not disable. With 3D printing and prototyping; possibilities are endless and ideas can become reality.  Our mission at Hexa³ ® is to provide high-quality prototypes in collaboration with customer needs and exacting specifications. Making it easier for the customer to access high-quality reliable solutions, to customise and to validate ideas, all in a cost-effective and more environmentally sustainable way.

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  • Anatomy, Architecture, Art, Cardiology, Character, Characters, City Planning, Complex Geometry, Composite Tooling, Computer Hardware, ConceptModels, Construction, Costumes and Props, Décor, Decoration Arts, Decorations, Designs, DIY Project, Education, Energy, Energy & Transportation, Entertainment, Eyewear, Face Protective Shield, Film, Film and Media, Film/Animation, Fitness and Sports & Entertainment, FMCG and Design Houses, Food Industry, Footwear, Furniture, Gift, Gifts, Healthcare, Heart Project, Home Decor, Houseware, Interior, Keychains, LED Parts, Lifestyle, Lighting Lamps, Luxury Goods, Luxury Sector, Machinery, Machines, Mechanical, Model makers, Modelmaking, Motorsport, Personalised Gifts, Planet Gear, Prosthetic, Prosthetics, Robotics, Scientific, Shipbuilding, Sports, Table and Cake Decorations, Trophies, Trophy, Vehicle Parts, Watchmaking
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  • Black, Blue, Clear, Dark Gray, Fluorescent Yellow, Gray, Green, Grey, Ivory, Orange, Red, Silver, Translucent, White, Yellow
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